*dust dust dust* *cough cough*

The post-pandemic urge to center more of my content into An Actual Website that I own/control is starting to hit critical mass: The ideas for fun and self-revealing pages and posts are building in my head, plans for what to do with old podcasts that got eaten when the old website was hacked, ways to crosslink my creative projects like fibercraft (Knitting, crocheting, spinning plarn) are taking hold and seem enticing enough to overcome the Activation Energy involved with, well, setting up and maintaining a website (even a very easy one, thanks WordPress) with any semblance of regularity.

One of the bigger things I’ll need to be okay-with is that this will most likely be For-Me. I’m not going to expect people (even my husband and besties) to regularly seek-it-out and even if they do, it’s going to be because I linked to a post/dive from my other socials. I’m not really seeking for it to become popular (or goodness forbid go viral) or make me money or even get me that much attention… and if it does become popular by itself or by relation to other things I have done, I’ll have to reassess what to do with it. I do have some fantasies of “Oh good, I’ve gotten myself a pack of trolls, I can have THEM go dig up all the problematic shit I’ve said/done over the years ago rather than having to go seek it out myself, that’ll make it much easier to address. Also, the moment trolls realize that they’re doing work for me for free, they’ll probably piss-off.”

But yeah, Hello again. My name is Peter. ‘Epilonious’ is a name I made up because I wanted to have the same moniker across 32354234635 different websites because my dabbling in Database Science showed me it’s always great to have a GUID. I’ve been on the Internet in it’s various forms for over 25 years, and It’s been a ride, lemme tell yah.

No really, sit down, ask. I will tell you.

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